BMW Torques (BMW PDF)
   BMW Engine Identification (BMW PDF)
   BMW Colour Codes
   BMW Option Codes
   Bolt heads
   Brake Fluid
   Engine Oil
   How to read a spark plug (Bosch PDF)
   How to read a spark plug I
   How to read a spark plug II
   E34 Statistics Info
   E34 Owners Handbook
   E30 Wiring Diagrams
   E31 Wiring Diagrams
   E34 Wiring Diagrams
   E34 Steering Wheels
   E30 Technical Info
   E87 Technical Info
   BMW M20 & M30 Engine Timing
   BMW M20 & M30 Cylinde Head Sequences
   Calculating CR (Excel 2007)
   Calculating CR (Excel 97)
   Optimum length of runners
   Tools Dictionary
   Teknisk Ordlista (Eng-Sve)
   Measurement conversion