H1 Light Bulbs Comparison


  • The Problem
  • Tools, Skills And Parts
  • The Result

The Problem

During the last years, a number of tests have been made to evaluate the performance and quality of different head light bulb brands. Almost all tests came to the conclusion that it can differs a lot between two light bulb brands.

Since I have not been fully satisfied with my head lights, I made the decision to buy a highly rated light bulb brand to see if I could notice any difference against the current ones I used. The result is shown below.

Tools, Skills And Parts

The job is very simple and does not include any special tools.

Difficulty Level

The following tools are required for this particular work.

 Screwdriver (Phillips PH2)

The following spare parts are required for this particular work.

 World Light Mega Blue (H1 55W 12V)
(2 pcs for 98 SEK at Biltema)
 Philips Vision Plus (H1 55W 12V)
(2 pcs for 198 SEK at Preem)

The Result

The difference between the two types of light bulbs can be seen in the pictures below. Both light bulb types are rated as H1 55W 12V. The test is quite "non-scientific" and was made more for fun.

However a big difference could be experienced where the Philips Vision Plus light bulb was clearly the better one. The Philips Vision Plus light bulb gave a more brighter and whiter light inc combination with a wider beam projection.

Word Light Mega Blue.
Philips Vision Plus.

Road test of Word Light Mega Blue.
Road test of Philips Vision Plus.